Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Daycare recap

We're on our official Week 3 of daycare and it's been... an adjustment. Here's a quick recap:

Week 1
Day 1: Ava was too sick to go. Great start!
Day 2: Ava was displeased when I left.
Day 3-5: Ava was SO PISSED when I left. Scream-cries. I picked her up early some days because I just couldn't handle her being so upset.

Week 2
Day 1: Dropped Ava off immediately after leaving the airport from our family weekend in NY. She got sent home a few short hours later with a fever.
Day 2: Too sick to go.
Day 3: Too sick to go. Is this for real?
Day 4: Went, but screamed bloody murder when I dropped her off. I feel like this isn't working out.
Day 5: Repeat Day 4, except she also cried in the car on the way there (and didn't stop until I rapidly opened and shut her window for the 10 min. drive). Fussy during the day and didn't seem happy. I'm so ready to quit my job and my life just to stay home and comfort this poor, angry nugget 24/7.

Week 3
Day 1: Better day... Ava sat at a table and did a puzzle all by herself.
Day 2: Good day... Ava played with another kid for nearly 30 min. without needing any teacher comfort/reassurance. She also hugged her main teacher, Miss Felicia.
Day 3: Another good day! Ava didn't cry as much when I left because I stuffed her face with Puffs and ran away. During the day, she "painted" a strawberry -- and cracked up the teachers because she kept staring at her hands when they were covered in paint -- and ate a meatball with lunch.

I think she's starting to find her groove. She still cries when I leave, but it's already more short-lived. She prefers to play by herself in a crib, which they let her do for an hour or so as a way to get her more comfortable and build her confidence. I think it's working. Bonus: She's quiet as a mouse in the mornings now when she wakes up because she just entertains herself until I come get her.

In hindsight, transitioning to daycare in the midst of the separation-anxiety stage may not have been the best idea, but we're getting there. The sickness is a major downer (she spiked a 102 fever tonight out of nowhere, too. Praying it doesn't last through tomorrow), but she's definitely getting the socialization and new experiences I wanted.

I just hope it keeps getting better.

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