Monday, May 6, 2013

Maternity clothes are magical

When I first got pregnant, I was so anti-maternity clothes. Who needs to spend all this money on outfits they'll wear for a few weeks, months, tops? Not me! I'm frugal!


Everyone should buy maternity clothes. Even those of you who aren't pregnant.

Maternity clothes are freakin' awesome and I will tell you why.

  • First, the tops are longer than non-maternity tops. You never have to worry about the shirt shrinking or riding up.
  • Second, the tops have a comfortable give in the midsection, but they don't look like mumus. So if you overeat one night or fill your belly with a little too much booze, the shirt stretches with you.
  • Third, the maternity leggings are a dream. Forget the too-tight-on-the-tummy elastic band that not only cuts off circulation, but gives you that unflattering bulge on your sides. These things are so comfy and practical that I will not be rotating them out of my wardrobe post-pregnancy.

Personally, I'm not a fan of maternity jeans because they are still a little too constricting in the belly and way, way too loose in the legs. But maybe those are just the ones I bought (Gap). I haven't tried any others because there's no real need to -- between the leggings, the skirts, the dresses and the Belly Band I use on my normal jeans, I can afford to skip this one item.

But if you do find your non-pregnant self in the maternity section of a store, do not run away in shame. Grab a few outfits, walk straight into the dressing room and prepare to be amazed.


  1. I accidentally bought a maternity top in Target for New Years. It was pretty, comfy, and fit my one needed to know!

  2. I accidentally bought a pair of cotton stretch pants and had no idea they were maternity pants...and they're still to this day the best pair of paints I own.

    I also did this with a dress once - and when I went home and googled the designer name I was like, " still works!"

    1. No judgment. Not even if you went back and bought five more maternity dresses.