I'm Lisa and I got knocked up after four years of marriage.

My drunk grandma told me to keep a journal, but this isn't 1991 so I started a blog instead. I don't think I qualify as a "mommy blogger" because I don't find baby poop (or even babies) charming. Things I DO find charming: pit bulls, Kate Spade, white wine, slouchy winter hats, red wine, Mod Cloth, vodka, aviations, Hoegaarden, white peach margaritas... But I digress.

Here are a few quick details about me:

My Relationship
  • May 2004: Started dating Dave.
  • Summer 2006: Moved to Chicago. 
  • January 2007: Got engaged. 
  • September 6, 2008: Got married. 
  • November 2012: Got knocked up. 

My Original Baby Timeline
  • Age 22: "I'll have a baby at 27."
  • Age 25: "I'll have a baby by 30."
  • Age 28: "If I want a baby by 30, I have to get pregnant next year. Better push the baby to 33."
  • Age 29: "Hello? Biological clock? Yes, I agree, we should move the baby up to age 31."
  • Age 29.95: "Oh, shit. Guess we are having a baby at 30."

My Original Babies

Rocco, rescued at 10 mo.

Elsie, rescued at 4 mo.